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Human Form 

I have always been interested in the human condition. What makes us, us? The ways we think, move, and decide are all dependent on our personal experiences and atmospheres, but there is also an unspoken bond between all of us that is inherent.

The human face and mind is confusing and beautiful thing. I have found it to be the most interesting subject to work with in art and something I continue to come back to. A painting of a face can hold so much power behind it; it tells a story that is open to interpretation and at the same time can remain art for its own sake.

The Idea

Who are the subjects and why did I choose them for my pieces? You might recognize a few of them as actors from different movies. Included in the project is Samuel Jackson from Pulp Fiction, Javier Bardem from No Country For Old Men, and Gene Wilder from Young Frankenstein. Each of these movies carry sentimental value for me to some extent.

Six pieces in total. Three sets of two including a portrait and matching quote. Each quote uses font from the corresponding movie. Three movies in total: Pulp Fiction, Young Frankenstein, and No Country For Old Men.

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There is something very unique to quilling due to its technique. Unlike a standard poster or portrait that is basically consistent from every angle, quilling takes on a whole new level of dimensionality.

To see the full depth and differences in each piece, the viewer must move around and try different angles. A hypnotizing effect occurs, as the piece seems to move and rearrange with the eye.