Tinder for stoners.

              With the legalization of recreational marijuana on the rise, a new market is sprouting up across the country.

 With this new found freedom thousands are heading to their local dispensary.

The problem with all this new found marijuana is that people don't have a reliable friend to share it with. Fish brings users together to enjoy their new found freedom in a whole new way. 


This app is for smokers who want to share their time and their weed with other users. I'm not a smoker myself so I needed to collect data from those who do. I interviewed people who smoke and recorded my findings.

  • Marijuana users like to smoke together. The vast majority of those interviewed said that they enjoyed the company of others when they smoke because of the social aspect it brought to the table.

  • Smokers don't always have someone reliable to smoke with. Many people said that they don't have a reliable person to smoke with or felt judged if they brought up the idea.

  • They type of weed is neccesarily imporant. Over half said that they would like to know what type of weed the other person has.

Fish would allow them to always find someone close by who is accepting and positive.


I wanted the flow of the app to be as fluid as possible so I kept the number of screens to a minimum.

I made iterations for each screen and chose the took the best elements from each of them.


High Fidelity Mockups

After taking my inital drawings and turning them into digital wireframes I was able to creat a few high fidelity mockups using photoshop. Originally I had used another design but threw it out after getting some critique and feedback.

AlexProfile copy1.png


This project has been an extremely in depth process from beginning to end. As head designer I have been responsible for almost all design choices and tasks, and soon I will be working on finalizing the other screens as well as a logo and brand for Fish.

Together my partner and I have interviewed a multide of developers and have found a promising candidate who will be deleloping Fish for the Android market. This is only the beginning and we will then branch out to iOS as well.

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